Three main events will be featured during the competition - Surfing, Wheel Char MX (WCMX) and a Film Festival - check out all the details on each below:

The Adaptive Surfing Event
To welcome change is to become adaptive. Among surfing being a vibrant and exciting element of modern, local, national and international youth culture a new element of the sport is evolving.
All over the Globe numerous resilient adaptive athletes missing limbs, their vision or full use of their arms and legs have solitarily frequented able bodied surfing competitions for years doing whatever it takes to hit the water and progress themselves through to the next level.
Adaptive surfing as a competitive sport and now global network has provided that much needed and desired platform for impaired athletes to compete and perform at a high level increasing integral mobility, strength, health, fitness, cognitive skills and the complete and overall wellbeing of the athletes progressing themselves as high performance athletes capable of competition at an elite level.
This premium competition is designed to maximise the potential of perfect wave conditions which up until now Adaptive surfers have not had the the opportunity presented them under competitive conditions.

The swell window is stretched out over a Eight day period only needing Three whole days to complete the event which dramatically increases the chance of quality surf allowing the world class Adaptive athletes to take advantage of the optimised situation and showcase their skills in the critical and high performance sections of the wave.
A fresh, awesome and exciting new event created to fill a gap and lay down much needed exposure and competitive platform for Adaptive surfing’s growing global competitor pool. The event will be one of a kind not only for Australia but the entire world. Surfest Newcastle Australia is one of Australia’s longest running surfing festivals and boasts an enviable history celebrating the festivity of surfing around Newcastle’s classic beaches. Boldly Surfest Newcastle Established in 1985, has added Adaptive surfing to the event calendar, optimistically pioneering a promising and encouraging professional Adaptive surfing event in the city. 
WCMX Downunder Demo

Wheelchair MX is increasing becoming a highly popular sport, the sport merges the jumps, flips and trickery of BMX and Skateboarding combined with stylised Wheelchair sports.

Professional WCMX athletes will show their skills raising awareness about the sport encouraging the growth of participants. As part of this, Beginners and other participants of all skill levels will be given the opportunity to practice together and learn from the Pro's developing their talent.

Together let's make the New and exciting sport of WCMX take off around the globe.

Adaptive Film Festival

Watch this space, showcasing films about Adaptive athletes or personalities and providing the Launchpad, inspiration and aspirations for film makers and Adaptive personalities to share their amazing journeys and visions with the world.

The Film fest will run over selected nights during the Adaptive Pro swell waiting period from 26/05/18 to 03/06/18 at an all accessible selected venue in the heart of Newcastle city.